Commander - Bill Chicky



Lt. Commander - Heath Conaway


Adjutant/Financial Officer - Paul Sawyer



Karem LOH Comm. Bill Chicky (right) and Adjutant Paul Sawyer (center) present Jay Baker, PP (left) with a new American Flag to be used at all ceremonies at Karem Kamp.  This new Ny-Glow flag will replace the 10 year old flag that is in badly weathered condition.

At the Stated Meeting on September 18, 2014, the Legion of Honor Comm. Bill Chicky and Adjutant Paul Sawyer presented Full Lifetime Memberships to Potentate Ill. Sir Tom Young and Past Commander Dr. Harold Jackson.  Dr. Jackson is the oldest living active member of Karem's Legion of Honor.  Nobles Tom and Harold served honorably in the US Armed Forces.  Dr. Jackson served in the US Navy and Potentate Tom Young served in the US Coast Guard.

Also at the Stated Meeting, LOH Comm. Bill Chicky and Adjutant Paul Sawyer awarded PP Jay Baker with an Honorary Lifetime Membership in the Karem LOH Unit.

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