Brew Master - Glen Seeley




The Brew Crew has been busy brewing over the last month.  So far, we have made an amber beer, a chocolate beer, a cherry beer and some root beer.  We should have our testing room fixed up and be ready to judge our beers soon.  We have a lot to do to fix up our brew shack and buy the equipment we need.  Our membership is growing.  The dues are only $50 per year.  Our by-laws have been approved and we are in communications with other Shrine brewing units.  We are hoping to host a competition next Spring.  This is a fun group to be with and we do enjoy cooking our brews.  If you, or anyone you know, might be interested in joining the Brew Crew, just ask on of the members who are wearing our shirts - -  Or contact Ray Pugh or Glen Seeley.

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