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The Director’s Staff serves the Potentate and is one of the primary fundraising and working Units of Karem Shrine.  This is for both fraternal (Events that benefit Karem Shrine) and Shriners Children’s™ charitable (Events that benefit Shriners Children’s™ healthcare network) events.  Leadership of the Director’s Staff is comprised of the Director, (Appointed by the Potentate each year.) Assistant Director and Treasurer/Secretary. (The Director appoints the other three officers.)  We meet in our Unit room the third Thursday of each month.


The Director’s Staff hosts and manages three official events each year: 


Love To the Rescue – Charitable Event that benefits Shriners Children’s™ healthcare network

Karem Shriners Sportsman’s Banquet - Fraternal Fundraiser that benefits Karem Shrine

Karem Shrine Annual Easter Egg Hunt – A community service event that benefits local children.


In addition to these events, the Director’s Staff maintains a 2-car train with a real locomotive engine. The train, and Director’s Staff, participate in multiple parades representing Karem Shrine.  Each year Staff members attend the Shriners Children’s™ College Classic collegiate baseball tournament, Texas Shrine Association (TSA) Ceremonial and Texas Shrine Directors Association (TSDA) Mid-Winter meeting.  This is in addition to Unit parties and fellowship gatherings.  We also assist with many other activities on behalf of the Potentate.


Historically, the Director’s Staff oversaw performing the ceremonial for new initiates (Novices) to Karem Shrine, as well as, maintaining the ceremonial equipment.  Over the years we have transitioned to other areas of need.  Director’s Staff has been fortunate to elevate and promote the Shriner’s mission to a wider audience throughout central Texas and beyond, by way of our events.  Like all Shriners, members of the Director’s Staff are hardworking volunteers who believe in a cause greater than us.  As hardworking as we are as a Unit, we also like to have FUN along the way.

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