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Karem Drifters

Karem Drifters is the newest Unit within Karem Shrine.  The idea for this Unit came about in 2021 when the now members saw these awesomely cool drift bikes at Imperial Session in Houston, TX. 


Fellow Shriners, Ed Noble and his son Curtis Noble, own NTC Drift Trikes out of Urbana, OH.  They had their drift bikes at Imperial Session.  We all know boys with their toys!  Eyes were lighting up like it was Christmas in July.  By the time the Karem Shriners returned from Imperial Session, they were discussing buying trikes and starting a new unit.

Shortly thereafter an order for trikes was submitted to NTC Drift Trikes.  Due to supply issues we all faced 2021, the trikes took longer to manufacture than originally anticipated.  They were delivered May 14, 2022, and the Karem Drifters are anxiously awaiting debuting them in a parade.  Due to the nature of drift bikes, the roads and road conditions need to be ideal.

There are currently nine members in this Unit.  They are confident more Shriners will want to join once they see these trikes in action.  Especially since a few of them have flame throwers.

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