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Motor Escorts primary function is to escort the coffin of Shriners to their final resting place.  This is the largest Unit within Karem and seeing upwards of fifty motorcycles in formation behind a hearse is something to behold.  There is no doubt that the Shriner they are escorting is respected and revered.


Motor Escorts ride in parades and compete at Texas Shrine Association (TSA.)  They will also escort visiting dignitary, such as the Imperial Potentate.

(The highest leadership postion within Shriners Intenational.)


The Colonel of the Escorts coordinates rides that are just for the fun of it, too.  Motor Escort Ladies are often on their Noble’s bikes during parades and on the scheduled rides.  A few have their own motorcycles.  They're very active within this Unit.

Motor Escorts host Karem's annual Casino Night.  This fraternal (Benefits Karem Shrine.) event raises funds for the incoming Potentate (President of the Board.)  It's a large undertaking and the Escorts put in many hours and hard work to pull it off.  Casino Night is open to the public.  Be sure to check our calendar of events. Motor Escorts put the fun in fundraising!

Karem Motor Escorts

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