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NEWCOMER'S & Unit Show Down Dance

SEPTEMBER 10, 2022

7:00-11:00 PM

Open To The Public




Karem has dedicated the September dance to all new Nobles & their Ladies.  All new Nobles in attendance will be recognized.  Please join your fellow Shriners & help us welcome our newest Shriners. 

All Units & Clubs are asked to come and decorate a table for that night with the theme of their club or unit.  Nobles, showcase your unit to highlight the fun and fellowship Karem offers.  Bring and show off a T-car, motorcycle, drift bike, classic car, etc.  For example, Duffers would use golf as their decoration theme. 

Come and Enjoy All The Fun ! ! !


RSVP via email - karemshrine@waco/ or 254-848-5600


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